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EV Charger Installation in Torrance

Make the Most of Your Electric Vehicle!

Green technology and automobiles have been at odds for decades, but times have changed. Electric vehicles of today are the ideal blend of technology and environmental responsibility – along with performance. The electric vehicle has become wildly popular throughout the South Bay area, and every year these vehicles become more affordable, and their trip range increases.

California has already set a national precedent for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by banning the sale of all new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. By survey, many Californians would prefer to own an electric vehicle, even if just to escape the escalating cost of gas!

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What Home Charging Unit Power Level is Right for You?

If you own or are planning to get an electric car, you probably want the freedom to charge your car at home without having to rely on public charging stations. You’ve also probably started reading up on your EV charging options and may have run into confusing or conflicting data. Like any emerging technology, the options continue to evolve.

B&M Electrical is Tesla-Certified to install a 240-volt circuit and plug compliant with their strict quality, permitting, and installation requirements. These services are excellent for all makes and models of EV. If you need a home EV charging station in Torrance, call us first!

For home EV charging stations to suit any electric vehicle, contact B&M Electric at (310) 340-1717 and see why our clients love us!

There are several things to consider:
  • Your current electrical service, and the number of devices on each circuit. Older homes usually have only 100 amps of service, and an upgrade may be needed.
  • How many miles do you typically drive your electric car every day? In most cases, you won’t need a full charge every day.
  • Do you need a Level Two charging installation? Our technicians can help you balance cost against usage and your current service panel capacity. We may be able to save you thousands of dollars while delivering all the power you need for your daily EV usage.

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