Networking at TecHomeX Leads to Business Partnership for Integrator and Electrician

By B&M Electric June 16, 2017

Integrator Kirk Attoian and electrician Charles Vargas are helping to support each other’s business.

Many guests who attend TecHomeX are able to leave with plans to work with some of the dozens of sponsoring companies. But, there also are guests who take away relationships with other attendees.

That was the case with Interior Technologies CEO Kirk Attoian and B&M Electric owner Charles Vargas. The two struck up a conversation after one of the general sessions and had dinner together that night. During that time, they saw the potential for them to help each other.

“I said, ‘Look. You don’t do A/V, but you do lighting. And, I do lighting, but I don’t do electrical,’ ” says Attoian. “So, if you’re talking to a client and they want to feel like they have a good team to help them, because electrical and low voltage really work hand in hand a lot, you’re a much more powerful person if you say you work with an A/V company all the time, and we really understand each other.”